Products for Ruston TA ( TA-1260 , TA-1500 , TA-1750 ) and Ruston TB (TB-3000 , TB-4000 , TB-5000 , TB-5400 ) Ruston Gas Turbines.

In the last 30 years PSI has developed numerous products to solve customers problems. Current examples are PLC Temperature Monitors and Annunciators, ignition systems, speed probes, thermocouples and wrap around exhaust joints that eliminate the need to disassemble the exhaust stack in future maintenance routines.


The PS-4010E/xx duplex thermocouple is a fit, form, and function replacement for the OEM original on TA and TB series turbines. This is a Type K thermocouple accurate to +/- 2 deg. F at Tmax. The duplex thermocouple is actually two thermocouples in one allowing dual monitoring functions, redundancy setup or the ability to changeover connections in the event one side fails.

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The PS-5156-01 CT Speed Probe is a fit, form, function alternative for the OEM CT speed probes CT-908/4, CT-908A/3, CT-908B/1, CT-908C/1 and CT-908C/2.

It utilizes a hall effect sensor the signal of which varies depending on the speed of the compressor blade tips passing the end of the sensor.

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The unit consists of the well proven GE-Fanuc 9030 PLC* controller provided with 12 input thermocouple. Channels mounted in an aluminum chassis fit directly into the control cabinet. The PLC logic is programmed to directly replicate the existing control and monitoring features of the existing “Delta Monitor” control warnings and shutdowns. The Front panel display is provided by a 10.5 inch TFT Quick panel touch screen color display connected to the PLC. The unit has its own isolated DC power supply.

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The PSI / Chentronics retrofit ignition system is an exact fit replacement for the existing Ruston exciter and igniter. It has been designed to eliminate the unreliable operation of the old system that occurs when (1) moisture condensation on the ignitor prevented it from firing, (2) Low LCV gas for ignition is difficult to ignite.

The new system consists of 24 VDC exciter unit, which fits in the same place and utilize the same mounting holes as the old transformer. A shielded cable connects the exciter to the igniter plug and the plug. The igniter plug utilizes an adapter to allow installation on the turbine without further modification.

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The PS-8306-01 is a replacement assembly for the Ruston TB series turbines using the TB-83006C molded exhaust joint.

The new assembly consists of 2 flanges, battens, and hardware to hold a wraparound joint which facilitates easy replacement in future maintenance as it does not require the exhaust duct to be disassembled.

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