Below is a list of some major projects by customer that PSI has completed since 2001.
  • Baylor University: TB5400: Four 24000-hour inspection including the re-blading of the 1st stage Compressor Turbine Stator. Installation of our High Energy Ignition systems. Two 40000-hour inspections including the replacement of the Compressor Turbine Rotor blades and the second stage Compressor Turbine stator. Six 8000-hour Combustion inspections.

  • Conoco Phillips Alaska Inc.: Installation of three PSI PLC based Temperature, Combustion monitoring and data acquisition system on TB5000 pump sets and engineering consulting on blade failures.
  • Chevron Texaco Nigeria: Provision of a fully tested TB5000 Gas Producer. Provision of replacement Power Turbine rotors and stators.
  • Chevron Texaco USA: TA1750: 40000-hour overhaul; installation of PSI high energy ignition system; complete re-blade of hot section of turbine.
  • Dual Talleres: Liquid Fuel Valve and Burner repairs.
  • Grupo Degrados for Pemex: 10 replacement AC starter cabinets for Rebombeo.
  • International Turbine Systems for Sonatrach Algeria: TA1750 major parts orders including fuel valves, volutes, hot elbows, crossover duct, elbows, governor gears, blow-off valves, bearings for turbine and gear box, blade spares and control parts.

  • KBR Iraq: Commissioning spares and tools.
  • Maritrans Diligence: TB3000: 40000-hour overhaul including re-blading 1st stage Compressor Turbine stator, and installation of the PSI High energy ignition system
  • Maritrans Integrity: TB3000: 8000 Hr combustion Inspection, including the installation of the PSI High energy ignition system and 40000 hour overhaul.
  • Petro Produccion Ecuador: Major Spares orders including TB5000 Stator change out kits, Power Turbine stator change out kits, liquid fuel valve, liquid fuel burners, blow-off valves, TA 1750 compressor rotor refurbished with new blades. TA CT rotor, Intermediate ducts, hot elbows, bearings.
  • Petro Industrial Ecuador: Replacement PLC based annunciators for the TA1750 Controls
  • Repsol YPF Argentina: Provision CT 1 and 2 Bladed Disks for TB5000 Turbines, six liquid fuel conversions for TB3000.
  • Shell PDO: Four AC Starter Motor Change-out Kits and technical support.
  • Suncor: 2-8000 hour inspections, 2 PSI flame viewing systems, 2 PSI PLC based retrofit temperature monitors, 2 PSI PLC based retrofit annunciators with alarm logging and trending history.