PSI upgraded a TA-1260 to a TA-1750 on site.

Before: TA-1260

After: TA-1750

One of PSI’s first and a very successful product brought highly reliable ultra violet flame viewing to the Ruston TA and TB series turbines.

This product is no longer available because the Honeywell components have become cost prohibitive. Offered as part of our PLC temperature monitor program.

PS-1080-01 Flame Viewing System

An example of the custom built test sets PSI designed and built for repairing controls components.

PS-9050-01 Rustronic Governor and Actuator Test Set

An example of a custom project done for a customer so they can calibrate burner nozzles on site after repair.

Liquid Fuel Burner Test Rig

After a customer was unhappy with the complete dismantling of their turbine for a 40,000 hour inspection they sent it to us to reassemble.

In addition we were asked to upgrade the control system to some PLC controls and circuit breakers instead of fuses.

TB-5000 As Received

TB-5000 Before

TB-5000 After

Rebuilt Control Cabinet